With Love, Sami Jo

With Love, Sami Jo
Sunset seeker. Cheese head. Texas transplant. Enjoy writing about my many life adventures!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Quarter

I want to tell y'all the story of the quarter.  Miracles happen everyday and this just happened to be my saving grace that day.

One snowy and cold Sunday evening, I walked out to get barn chores started and noticed a flat tire on my pickup, which of course was hooked on to the trailer. The tire was at 10psi or roughly so it really needed to get addressed. I looked at my phone to check the time, 5:20. Shoot! I bet I have enough time to sneak it in to the Wal-Mart tire shop (they don't close until 6:00pm).

Instead of asking Rochelle for help (she has an air compressor built-in to her pickup, I feel like I always bother her by asking to air up whichever tire out here) I decided to unhook it and very carefully, wobble it into town.  Due to my slow driving, I did not arrive at the tire shop until closer to 5:40pm.  I walked in, explained my situation and asked if they could sneak me in.  Big no.  They were closing for the day with 20 minutes left to go... Wonderful, I thought. The guy said I could leave it there and they would get to it but probably not until Tuesday!

Pfft. Seriously he doesn't see my emergency and I cannot wait until Tuesday.  It'll ruin my wheel well!  The little bit it sat in their parking lot, the more the tire had lost air. I was beginning to panic and also wondering how in the world will I make it home.  Left my cellphone at home (I assumed this would be a short trip), even better...

My next plan was to wobble it to their gas station to put enough air in to get me through the night and then I'll deal with it the next morning on my way to work. Got to the gas station and realized not only did I leave my cellphone at home, but I also left my purse and only grabbed my debit card (thinking once again it would be a quick errand at the tire shop)! As you know, air nowadays costs $1.25!

I rummaged around my pickup.  I looked under the seats, in-between the seats, flipped the back seat, nothing.  Zero change existed. Wonderful, I thought.  I scanned my surroundings.  For once, absolutely no one at the gas pumps to bum change off of.  The sun had set and it started getting colder out, I thought to myself, this is great. Just great... The store clerk was even clocked out for the day. I continued to search my pickup and found a jacket I always keep in there.  Just so happens there was a dollar in quarters in one of the pockets. Now I just needed the 25 cents.  I looked over my truck yet again and still nothing. As I sat there, scanning my surroudings a bit more, my low fuel signal started dinging hysterically.  Apparently it had been dinging for awhile and I just didn't even notice. Clearly, that was the least of my concerns. I looked down and left out a big sigh.  I was finally at breaking point, on the verge of melting down.  Tears of frustration slowly fell down along my cheekbones.  I had given up and I was running out of fuel 40 feet away from a gas pump with a "bum tire" that was about to leave me stranded.  I thought to myself, God if you're watching all this play out, I could use a little help here!

My truck was hysterically dinging low fuel, so I turned it off. I needed silence. I needed to think and analyze what to do next. I searched the back seat again hoping I had just overlooked the floor, nothing yet again. I sat for another minute and decided to keep searching.  I scanned the same area, backseat floor, and there was a quarter! In plain sight... in a wide open spot that I had scanned 20 times prior. I knew where this had come from, I had zero doubt in my mind.  I grabbed the quarter and quietly said, "Thank you." I pumped up the tire with more air than necessary (mind you, I needed to get home).  I hopped back inside to turn my truck on and it wouldn't turn over. I thought to myself, isn't this just great... I ran it out of fuel, at the gas station while I searched for a non-existent quarter the past 45 minutes. I kept trying.  It turned over, but my electrical was tweaking out and everything went very dim on the dashboard! I floored it and then released the pedal to coast on in to the nearest gas pump on my side. Took my debit card out, fueled up, and went on my way back home.

He always listens, all you need to do is ask.

With love,

Sami Jo

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bone Broth


Upon reading about the many benefits of Bone Broth that have recently been posted on my Facebook followings, I have had the urge to try myself.

I have had such thing as a hormonal imbalance since around June (that I can last recall) and I have been working with various, holistic doctors in Amarillo to help get this sorted out.  I had developed all the obvious signs: hot/cold flashes, poor circulation, acne breakouts, mood swings which all evidently lead back to one cause: stress.  Apparently there is such a thing as a stress-related hormonal imbalance.

Sounds about right.  My career and personal life can get pretty stressful. But I knew that going into this job category so there isn't anyone to blame but my constant drive to beat the odds of failure.

I've been watching some webcasts from Dr. Axe, who first directed my attention to consuming Bone Broth.

Leaky gut.  There is such a thing.  It's interesting.  Look it up.  This definitely plays a part in my hormonal imbalance due to all the different types of Antibiotics I've been put on, my sudden food sensitivities, skin breaking out (clearly trying to tell me something's up) etc. all of this plays a factor. So I want to fix it.

Bone broth as well as sauerkraut, kefir, goat's milk, and various other fermented foods are proven to help solve Leaky Gut.

So I ventured out to my favorite resource place, West Texas RX, here in Amarillo, and I visited with the owner, Dr. Charles Black about the benefits and I came home with a small pouch of Beefy Bone Broth.  His wife said to "beef" it up with veggies, seasonings, because it is not pleasant to consume alone.

I searched around Pinterest this weekend and this is what I found to use with it.  It was so delicious!  I will definitely make again.

Beef Barley Soup
Servings: 5 • Serving Size: 1 1/2 cups • Points +: 8 pts • Smart Points: 8
Calories: 336 • Fat: 11 g • Carbs: 27 g • Fiber: 6 g • Protein: 32 g • Sugar: 1.5 g
Sodium: 453 mg (using 1 tsp kosher salt)
  • tsp oil
  • 1-1/2 lbs lean beef round stew meat
  • 1 cup chopped carrots
  • 1 cup chopped onions
  • 1/2 cup chopped celery
  • 2 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 6 cups water
  • 1 – 2 tsp kosher salt, to taste (I didn't use this; because I couldn't find it at the store!)
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 2/3 cup dry barley (I used Organic Quinoa, because I am on a gluten-free diet right now)
  • fresh ground black pepper

      Heat a large heavy pot or dutch oven on medium heat. Add oil and beef, season with a little salt and brown meat a few minutes.

          When meat is browned, add carrots, onion, celery and garlic to the pot and give it a good stir.


                Add water, salt and bay leaves and bring to a boil.
               When boiling, reduce heat to low and cover.
                Simmer covered over low heat until the meat is soft, about 1 1/2 – 2 hours.
                Add the barley, adjust the salt if needed and add fresh ground pepper.
                Simmer an additional 30-35, remove bay leaves and serve. Makes 7 1/2 cups.

              For full Pinterest recipe/blog read more here.

                       Happy Bone Brothing!

                              With Love,
                                         Sami Jo <3

                              Wednesday, November 9, 2016

                              A Twist In My Story: Self-Discipline

                              What you hate the most, is what you need the most. 


                              I hate it so much my body, mind, and soul crave it when it's absent.  During the first half of my yoga session, my mind wanders and releases negative thoughts, negative energy.  My mind tries to talk me out of completing my session. It's a constant fight.  I have multiple thoughts racing on how much I hate it and then by the end of the class all I can focus on is the end result, positive flow, positive energy.  Gratefulness. Relief. Accomplishment. It's a small success but I'll embrace it. 

                              I like to refer to Darren Hardy with his book, The Compound Effect.  In his book he discusses self-discipline is a key to success.  Without self-discipline our mind wins and bad habits form and we eventually lose control of our very being.

                              Vitamin C Supplement.

                              I can't say anything nice about this supplement I am referred to take while in Remission.  It looks like a lougie and it tastes like doesn't lose its lougie formation. Ever. Not even mid-swallow.

                              But I need it. I need it to boost my immune system and I need it to deter cancer cells. So I make myself take it on like I'm a college kid slamming down a shot of Pepe Lopez Tequila.

                              Black Cumin Seed.

                              The black cumin seed juice pouch (Soul by Rain International) is a bit easier to chug-down versus the black seed oil Dr. Fitt sells.  Once again, I have to trick my mind and disguise it in a morning protein shake.  Otherwise my mind will count too many ways as to why I shouldn't take it.

                              Sometimes your biggest enemy is yourself.

                              Frankincense Oil.

                              I used to HATE Frankincense Essential Oil.  Made me sick to just smell it! And it reminded me of the Catholic church back home. It was just a smoky, incense smell I didn't care for. Because of its multiple health benefits and its fight against cancer, I take it daily, sometimes multiple times a day.  I even ingest it. And now I cannot go a day without it.  I love it.  The smell, and every aspect of it. 

                              Train your mind to see the good in every situation, because what the mind perceives, the body receives.

                              That is all.

                              Good Night,

                              Sami Jo <3

                              Saturday, September 10, 2016

                              Late Night Post: Learn To Love The Everyday Little Things

                              I've been quiet. Mousey. I apologize.

                              For weeks I have been fighting a writer's block.  My mind has been challenged with emotions, tragic events of those close to my heart, and physical changes.  A couple days ago, while scrolling through my (usually negative and depressing Facebook newsfeed) an image caught my eye. A favorite page to follow is 'The Write Life' and it stated, "When writing you can't wait for inspiration to hit, you need to write yourself out of a block." And that has made all the difference.

                              I began seeing everything I came across the next few days with an optimistic mind.  I focused hard on turning my morning road rage routine around to listening to better music, Adele Radio on Pandora, and actually enjoying my drive to work at a legal pace versus racing to work and getting upset when I would get stuck behind a slow driver.


                              It's the little things that have the most impact. 

                              Less is more. Less is more.  I recall hearing this frequently as a youngster learning the ropes of natural horsemanship and "speaking to the horses".  My mentor would correct me when I would get frustrated because I was not correctly portraying what I was trying to "ask" my gentle giant, Slick, to do. Less is more. Less was more and always will be.  Life lesson that will never be forgotten.

                              What you all have been waiting for...

                              Earlier in August, I went out on a limb (last minute of course, you should know me by now, this is how I roll) and asked to join in the fun of riding with the Coors Cowboy Club Flag Team during the XIT parade. Really, I missed hanging out with the girls and I was curious to put Peppercorn's training to the test since she had just recently come back from the trainer.  And... as you recall in one of my previous posts, JR Gray really encouraged me to come see what the XIT event is all about.  So, I felt like I owed it to myself to follow-up and check it out.  After a long wait for our turn in the parade line, we took off to represent the CCC and our sponsors.  It was a lot of fun.  There were so many people thankful we showed up all the way from Amarillo to come say 'hello' and the smiles of all the kids while they waved at the horses was completely worth the trip.  And let me just say... these cowgirls I get to ride with are all great horsemen, I enjoy getting to know everyone outside of the business end.  (You know me, always networking)

                                                      Pictured on Peppercorn (grey horse carrying Amarillo Visitor's Council flag)

                              Peppercorn did great (as you can see) as she proudly carried herself in the bridle at a slow, consistent pace.  Clay W. (trainer) did a great job at putting more of a "handle" on her.  That was her first time carrying a flag (and it was a bit windy that day, let me tell ya) and she didn't care one bit.  She was more worried about checking out the mules nearby us... Weird, right?

                              After the parade, I was hungry and thirsty.  I had had a busy couple weeks juggling my full-time job as a Recruiter for System One in Amarillo and my part-time job as a Spa Product Consultant for Lemongrass Spa company in Colorado and felt I owed it to myself to take a minute, relax, and enjoy the moment.  So, after a few phone calls, and getting lost in crazy construction, I landed a parking spot at the X10 - 10 in Texas Bar & Grill, outside of Dalhart, TX.  I had called a guy friend that lives nearby in Stratford to come out and join me for a cold beer.  He's a full time farmer, running his own operation so I was hesitant whether he would have time for me. Two hours later, he shows up.  It was good seeing him again.  He and I met right around the time Eric and I broke up  (what a blessing), we went on a couple dates, but nothing ever got real serious.  He's busy. I'm busy.  The stars just never aligned... until that evening...

                              When I was getting ready to water Peppercorn and get back on the road back to Amarillo, he mentioned to me Stoney Larue was playing tonight after the rodeo.  Seriously, I thought?  I love Stoney.  He has been one of my favorites since I have moved to Texas.  I thought about it for a few seconds and then politely said, "I really need to get back. I have animals to take care of at home."  He said, "Are you sure? Can someone just feed them for you?" I responded back with, "Well, yes. You're really going to go?  What will I do with my horse?" He had all the smooth answers... He said,"Well, I will only go if you'll stay.  Otherwise, I'll just stay in tonight. And you can put your horse up at one of my pens, there is a barn there with stalls, it's private, my farm hand just lives out there, it'll be fine."

                              Well, there you have it.  I stayed for the pursuit of a Stoney Larue concert in the hands of good company.

                              After we got Peppercorn settled in for the night with fresh, cold water and hay, he couldn't wait to show me his home area.  But first, we filled up the beer cooler... in true weekend fashion.  He showed me his shop, his collector cars, where his family lives, his fields, we even went on a few sprinkler calls before heading to his house to kill time until we had to be back in Dalhart for the concert. 

                              We ended up meeting up with some of his friends from WT that were going to the concert as well with their wives, significant others, etc.  Very nice, fun crowd! 

                              Stoney Larue was awesome as expected.  I got the verbal tour of every farmer in the county that was standing near us. Small town feel for sure.  Stratford land layout reminded me of Kewaunee county (home) back in Wisconsin.  If the stars aligned, there could be potential.

                              We left the concert while everyone was begging for "one more song" due to him being paged by a sprinkler that needed troubleshooting.  1AM run to the corn field.  I didn't mind, the beer was cold,  I was with him, and the radio serenaded us with good tunes.

                              I think we finally made it back to the house around 3AM... long day, long night.  I had been drinking since 3PM that Saturday... yikes... 12 hours of beer drinking12 hours of pure carbs... Hit the bed and I was down and out.

                              Morning hit but not before the hangover... we finally got around to going on with our Sunday around 11AM.  We had one last stop before my impulsive adventure was over...


                              His sunflower fields.

                              Beautiful. Loved. My weakness. Inspired. Happy.

                              While I was admiring a sunflower in his field and taking multiple pictures (like a tourist), he had cut one for me to take home.  Sweet of him.  When we headed back to the pickup, he informed me of who he sold his sunflowers to in order to make cooking oil and other interesting multi-purposes.  I, of course, had to google it because I like researching new info... some pretty neat stuff. I have never cooked with sunflower oil, but would really like to now.  And then of course I looked to make sure it was beneficial for my Blood Type Diet and it is!

                              He is very sweet and I had so much fun getting to know him more on a personal side versus casual conversation in an upscale restaurant or bar with good music (like previous dates). 

                              All this concludes my current inspiration: Love the everyday little things.

                              <== (my picked souvenir)

                              With Love,

                              Sami Jo <3

                              Saturday, September 3, 2016

                              A Trip Down Memory Lane: Dog Ownership

                              Someday I will see him again.

                              It's been three years since he was taken from me due to misfortunate circumstances and careless mistakes. I thought buying another that looked similar to him would help fill the emptiness.  It doesn't and I'm not sure if it ever will.  My expectations are set high and his current replacement is not exceeding the expectations.

                              "If I had a dollar for every time my good dog made me smile, I would be a millionaire". 
                              - Unknown

                              Back in high school we had a family dog, a Dalmatian purebred named "BJ", short for BlackJack.  We had adopted him as an owner surrender from an old friend/network Dad knew.  Dad knew Mom would automatically say "No" to this sweet dog so for about 1-2 weeks we all kept it a hidden secret from Mom.  Dad was fun like that, he invited us in on a big challenge - to surprise Mom with a new addition to the family!  So, we secretly hid him out in the lower level of the house.  We discreetly let him outside and I think Dad even took him to work to hide him in his office during the daytime and then would bring him home at night when we were all home from school.  We all loved on him and couldn't wait to play with him every night.  One night Mom unexpectedly went downstairs to do laundry and well, she was quite surprised.

                              We lost him sometime during my Junior year of high school.  He randomly suffered a bad seizure.  He was simply getting old. Mom and Dad had rushed him to the Animal ER in Green Bay and agreed to have them perform a 50/50 surgery.  He survived the surgery but ten minutes later, while in recovery, he gave up. 

                              I had not seen my Mom so heartbroken in a long while until that night.  We all were devastated.  The whole town.  BJ was a large icon in our small town.  He never missed a chance to ride on the Steam Engines with Dad, or not by choice.  He loved sitting atop of the engines, while they chugged through parades.  He sat so proud to be there and to be given that second chance.

                              At that point, we all decided not to get another dog.  It was too heart-breaking as we all had gotten so attached to that sweet soul of his.

                              My Senior year, I bought a registered red tri Australian Shepherd stud male named Oliver.  He was crazy. He just didn't compare or come close to BJ.  I later sold him (Oliver) to my colt breaker in southern Wisconsin.

                              Isn't it funny how we try to trick ourselves into filling that emptiness with replacement to pretend we never had a loss? 

                              I gave up trying to fill that emptiness until I found Brody.  I met Brody at our home college rodeo while on the rodeo team at WT.  My good friend, Christie had a litter of mini aussie pups and I just simply couldn't resist the cuteness.  So $75.00 later, I had me a pup.  That was a lot of money for a college kid back then.  I believe I had just recently sold some textbooks back to have some spare bills burning a hole in my pocket that night ;) 

                              Brody became my companion dog as we traveled all over the U.S. together hauling the horses to compete in open rodeos and jackpots.  Brody survived many college parties and lived throughout some tough life events.  I would say he was pretty comparable to BJ, if not more athletic.  He would even out-smart you - majority of the time. 

                              Irreplaceable.  That is the best way to describe him. 

                              And no matter what I buy, I'll never find another.

                              Gone, but never forgotten.
                              RIP Brody

                              With Love,


                              Thursday, April 7, 2016

                              Blog Series: Untold Adventures #1- An Old Cowboy

                              It was an ordinary, adventurous day. A typical day in the life of Sami...

                              I had been invited by the man (who created my customized leather belt) and his daughter to join them for lunch. They asked me to meet them at the Golden Corral here in Amarillo to do a quick fitting in the parking lot after we had lunch.  Sure, no biggie. But...

                              A buffet place.

                              How on earth could I explain to these people I don't do buffet places. So, kindly, I just said I would come in to visit and that I wasn't very hungry so I'll just have some water. 
                              Well the man bought me a lunch ticket. So I was stuck. I was stuck eating lunch at a buffet place, in which I was so absolutely against eating at since my gain of knowledge of the dangers of buffet places during my #fucancer route.

                              << Let me educate you real quick: there's so many f*cked up things with buffet places >>
                              1) Their red meat is bottom of the line cow meat that was flagged for non-human consumption at the meat market due to the cow having an illness or cancer. But these places get the meat at a better price then so they consider it a "win".  And why would I want to eat a steak there??? 2) There's more bacteria and germs at buffet places than there is on your own toilet. Gross. People sneeze, they're careless, they're dirty. Their hands are dirty because they don't wash their hands.  And you're exposed to catch anything that is "going-around" while eating at a buffet place. No thanks. There's a reason my team of doctors in Houston highly recommended avoiding these places. 3) Some of the food choices sit under lights for hours, or all day.  Talk about fresh... not quite.  If you're going to settle for less, then that is what you deserve.

                              As we were walking to a find a quiet table, I was placed "second" in the walking line so walking, it was his daughter, then me, then the belt man.  It was quite the entertainment at first, we walked past a black man passed out at his table. << I guess he had had enough to eat and that carb coma got a hold of him.>>  Then up ahead there was a loud, unruly Mexican family with kids unleashed and running around everywhere, like it's a damn playground. Then, shortly after that, we pass by a table of a quiet, polite black family with their kids peacefully eating away at the buffet food. Which of course, the belt man, the old man that he was, huffed some inappropriate things as we were passing and completely caught me off-guard!  I was worried we were going to get shot!  He said such things like, "(bleep) damn spics and niggers everywhere. A white man can't eat alone. They're just everywhere.  It never used to be like this. " I quickly became embarrassed.  I wanted to vanish.  I glanced back at the quiet black family eating as we were passing by, hoping they didn't hear that also.  I then ran ahead pretending I didn't hear anything he said so as not to ignite his ramble.  I had not been put in that situation before.  I've been around old people. But none as discriminative as that. And he was old. He was fixing to turn 90 years old.  And he served our country well. And after his discriminative ramble, he told me all about his life story. I heard about his life in the Navy, people he met along the way, the wars, how he got into the saddle-making business, his wife he loved dearly, his kids, ranches he's worked on, so on and so forth. <<His stories reminded me of the stories my Grandma Rabas would tell us.  Stories from long ago.  I was so very close to my grandma and miss her so, so much.>>  I enjoyed every minute I spent visiting with the belt man and his daughter.  The longer we all visited the more I understood why he was the way he was...

                              Old and in his ways...

                              He inspired me.  The whole lunch day inspired me. His stories of hard, real life, drew me in and I remember calling my mom that day, on my way home, telling her that God was putting new people in my life for reasons I'm not sure why... but I know there's a reason.  Then as I was driving back to Canyon, I remember telling myself (and I think I posted this on facebook) that I needed to write an article up on this man.  His life story is amazing.  He had been in the leather work business for over 70+ years and his work is still beautiful!  Others need to hear this.  And that is what I wanted to do next, I wanted to drive up to Dalhart, TX to his saddle shop and write up a story on him and just listen to him talk some more.

                              The belt man and his daughter invited me to come up for a weekend whenever I was free to come look at his saddle selection and to just simply visit some more.  Unfortunately, I never had the chance to haul up there.

                              <<The belt didn't fit right, some measurements were wrote down incorrectly when I initially ordered it at the feed store while they were there to advertise his and another partners' handmade saddles.  So he offered to do a new belt and make it right. I said that is quite okay, you can just extend this one and we can call it good. He assured me that is not how you do business. Either the customer is satisfied the first time or you start all over, there shouldn't be any mistakes in between. I didn't argue again. I knew I wouldn't win.>>

                              A couple weeks later, I got a call from his daughter saying they were leaving the VA Hospital after attending a doctor appointment and wanted to meet up with me so I could try the new belt. They arrived at my workplace for me to try the new belt on.  Safe to say, it was gorgeous and it fit perfectly.  The belt man also rigged up the original one and added nice buck-stitching to it and gifted it to me to use as a "work belt". So far the "work belt" has been my favorite belt and that's all you'll see me in most of the time. 

                              Months had passed and I got to talking with Tammy at the feed store about my lunch day with him, the beautiful belt, his saddles, etc. and she mentioned he was going through some health issues.  I wasn't aware that anything was wrong with him so, when I found that out, I immediately sent him a Get Well/Thinking Of You card hoping to brighten his day and give him a good chuckle.  I think I may or may not have thrown a Wisconsin joke in there for shits 'n' giggles... But I guess it was too late... He had gone Home to reunite with his wife whom he loved and missed for so many years after her passing. 

                              The Texas panhandle lost another legend. In my eyes. And in the eyes of those who knew him and were aware of his leather/saddle making talent. 

                              I'm so thankful to have had his friendship, even if it was for just a little while. 

                              "Don't mess with old cowboys.  They've seen more than you can ever understand.  They don't have the time to argue and are too busted up to fight.  He may just shoot your sorry ass and tell God you died."


                              Sami Jo <3


                              Monday, March 21, 2016

                              The Significance in the Tragedy: Prevention - Part Two



                              Think green. I eat just about anything green: kale, spring mix, zucchini, asparagus, and broccoli are my go-tos.
                              Lately, I've been reminded by my holistic medical doctor in Canyon, to eat broccoli more frequently.  So that is what I have been doing.  I have been eating enormous amounts of sautéed organic broccoli (because that is the only way I have discovered I truly really like broccoli, otherwise I wouldn't willingly eat it).  I splash some olive oil in a stir fry pan and saute the broccoli at medium to low heat until desired crispiness.  I like my ends a little fried :)  Broccoli is a very BIG anti-cancer food.  Broccoli prevents certain cancers such as: lung, colon, breast, ovarian, and prostate. Eating one serving of organic broccoli a week may reduce your risk.  So let me tell you, I have been stocking up on organic broccoli and that is the only meal  I really count on during the workweek.  I even cook some up for a small snack.  I am obsessed because I know the benefits it can do for me while being in remission and the hell-o if I ever go through all that again.
                              I dump fresh organic Texas kale (a powerful superfood) into my morning whole-food based Juice Plus shakes.  Sprinkle a drop of peppermint oil in and toss in a few mini 100% cacao chocolate chips, and my friends, that is a delicious way to wake your body, mind, and spirit up in the morning!  [ I also dump in a scoop of Green Superfood powder by Amazing Grass.  Honestly, it tastes disgusting, so take my word for it if you decide to try it, disguise it in a delicious shake or your favorite type of juice.  Do not try and drink it with just water, you will get scarred for life]!
                              When I ironically run out of broccoli, I substitute steamed or oven roasted asparagus and zucchini for a day or two.  Go green = you're good.
                              Everyday, when I hop out of the shower, I slather on multiple drops of Frankincense oil over my pelvic area as well as my lymph node area (slightly bottom and behind the boobs).  Frankincense is a powerful cancer fighter and clearly I need all the help I can get! *I will also add that since I have been using Frankincense, a cyst (my doctors have been watching) has shrunk from a 3.6 to a 1.8 in diameter (I would state the measurements but I can't remember if it's cm or mm).  Can we just say... Amazing?  Because Frankincense is pretty much that.  It's expensive.  $73.50 a bottle if you're a Young Living Essential Oil member, but prevention is worth every penny in my opinion.  It beats the $120,000 medical costs that accumulate when you do have cancer, that, thankfully, insurance pays.
                              Let's not leave out the trusty Lavender oil that gets applied generously under boob, behind boob, and over pelvic prevention area also. 
                              Your "oil cloud" will not be mistaken when you head out the door and into the office to start your workday.  I have had engineers in my building that have followed my "cloud" to my cubicle just to find out where the aromatherapy is coming from.  It's entertaining, at most.
                              Don't forget about tub-time.
                              Get yo' Epsom Salt Soak on! 
                              I try to soak at least once a week when time permits and when my hot water wants to work.  Drop in some peppermint or lavender oil and relax for 20-30 minutes in a hot, steamy tub. Not only is Epsom salt baths a natural form of detox, it relaxes any achy muscles and stress that conjoin with your busy life.
                              Go chemical-free as much as possible.  I recently joined a direct sales team to promote and sell chemical-free skin care products, only because I was spending so much money every month for myself.  Figured why not be a consultant, and inform others of the importance of using toxin free products. From shampoo to conditioner, to body wash, to bar soap, to all facial care, I am proud to say I use 100% organic spa products, handmade in the
                              USA by the Leist family in Pine, CO.
                              Best. decision. ever.
                              My skin looks great, I feel great, no hidden ingredients, all products are freshly made to order, gluten-free, vegan, paraben-free.  Can we ask for anything more?
                              I try to avoid red meat as much as possible.  Once a month I'll cave and eat a ribeye steak, but it's fairly rare in my world if that happens.
                              I base 3/4 of my diet off the Blood Type Diet program and adjust what I eat to what my blood type is compatible with.
                              I avoid any and all soda as well as coffee. Coffee is acidic.  Acidity feeds cancer cells.  So does bananas. Oranges, too. If you're blood type A+ also, stay clear of these items.  You may be multiplying cancer cells and not even know it.  Keep your sugar intake low to none if possible.  Natural sugars are OK (such as fruits, berries, pineapple).  Avoid grains and dairy and anything that is processed.  Omit fast food.  I tote get it, Chic Fil A is delicious, but they also use peanut oil, which is acidic to Blood Type As...


                              "Be stronger than your excuses."

                              I'm going to leave all that right here...
                              Sami Jo